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The site provides the free Question Tools Editor software. The commercial Question Tools site can be found here.

Easy Editor

Editor is visual — just draw your screen and question!

Simply add...

  • text areas
  • pictures
  • shapes
  • multiple-choice buttons
  • true/false buttons
  • hotspots
  • drags
  • feedbacks
  • text answers
  • menus
  • audio clips
  • video

...and drag them to where you want them to be.

You can export your test or lesson as a set of web pages you can upload to any website.

Reviews & Use

Wide range of great reviews and comments...

Used in 148 countries...

Why is the software free?

...because we give a hoot!

  • Our free software allows us to support innovative people who do not have a budget. We get a lot of thanks and appreciation, and this is not just very pleasant — potential customers can find out what we are like to deal with.
  • Free software provides us with word-of-mouth referrals that few companies could ever afford.
  • Thousands of people in 148 countries are using our software — reassuring for paying customers.


Version 4.0 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download here...

Old versions

Register the version 3 edition here...

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