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"Question Tools certainly offers an extremely cost-effective solution for delivery of electronic testing, examinations and automated assessment. . . .a very attractive tool. . . ." Patrick Craven, Manager, Computer-Based Assessment, Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations.

"A simple user interface and clear tuition means you can be up and running with an interactive multiple choice or short answer test for learners fairly quickly....If you want to put your Team Leader assessment on-line, then Question Tools could be the answer, or you could set up a system for giving managers quick feedback on their learning or even use it as evidence of underpinning knowledge and understanding for assessment of competence. Edge, The Journal for the Institute of Leadership & Management, Volume 1, Issue 1.

"The great thing about Question Tools is that, as it comes in separate programs, it is easy to achieve different levels of results...SimpleSet allows you to create tests with basic templates...Using the Editor program gives you a much greater range of possibilities for your quiz...there's an almost unlimited number of tweaks you can use..." PC Home, Issue 127.

"The Web's a great resource for teachers and trainers, but creating an interactive online test to help students learn has tended to require programming skills. Thankfully, Question Tools allows anyone with a PC to create online tests and exams, for free." PC Guide, Issue 97.

"...Question Tools can help you. It enables you to create exams, tests and questionnaires quickly...The process of creating tests is simple...Once you are happy with the methods used to put together a test you can create customised tests, adding images, videos and sounds." PC Answers, Issue 112.

I have so far used at least five software packages for creation and administration of tests. Yours is the best. It has all features every teacher can think of. Also, it makes the whole question fun to answer by incorporation of various types. Most of all, it is very user friendly and all fancy question models can be incorporated with ease. Thank you very much. Gerald Rajan, University of Tennessee

"In poor countries like India and particularly in its rural places where the teachers get no encouragement as well as money to support their work your tool is a great boon...all my students who heard about it, want such tests to be conducted for every lesson...Thanks for providing me with this great tool." Prema Narayanan Krishnaswamy, Sri Vasavi College.

This really is the most amazing piece of kit! Since I downloaded it (last night) I've been addicted and created all my Y7 end of unit tests. The drags and hotspots are great for our practical subject. I've always found it either too dry and often irrelevant to give written tests, but too time-consuming to produce my own web-based tests, and too expensive to buy the stuff that you get glossy leaflets for every half term. This is the BOMB! I already know that my kids are just going to love this (yes, they love tests - how odd!). CVC in TES forums.

The best software that I have downloaded in general. This software is great. It has all the features you would need to create an on-line test. It is so easy and simple to use. I hope the company creates an on-line workbook. ojanotul, on

Perfect for what I need. I am putting together an online school and this product is perfect for generating on-line tests! It will allow me to set up fairly complex tests quickly and even submit them as read-to-run web pages! indy_troglodyte, on


Candy for teachers. Best tool out there: unlike many others you get some good looking tests, as you can make your own templates or use one the ready made...Thumbs up! Calidus,

The best quiz/test tool I've used. Just superb — easy to use, quick, attractive, and it works. Georgie Cole,

Effective and easy to use. Easy to get going. I had some difficulty changing the way my tests looked, but this was because it was so easy it confused me! John Bailey,

I love your tool! I introduced it to our training department and they were stunned. Jenifer Williams, Bankers Life and Casualty, USA.

"My children in my class and in our school are really enjoying using the tests made and I am very excited how it is supporting children's learning.", Andy Windsor, Teacher.

"This is a fantastic and easy to use piece of software. It makes interactive sessions a dream", Rick Barnes, Fulford School, UK.

It's fantastic. I can even change the way the whole quiz looks using a menu...Question Tools SimpleSet is way out front. Sally Pritchard,

Where did you hear about Question Tools? My team leader has been raving about it for weeks. Sandie Towler, Tendring Adult College, UK

Far more intuitive to use than Hot Potatoes. Great!! Keep on making a difference. Ben Keen, UK

Great piece of software. Shankar Raman, India.

Thanx for the tools, been looking around for a long time to find something that works! Peter Gill, Johannesburg Water Ltd, South Africa. It's very very good. Tony Goodman, Northbourne Park School, UK.

Thanks you for sharing with us an inspired work. As a struggling high school teacher from a poor country, this is indeed a precious gift! Sebastian Garcesto, Econsult Pro, Philippines.

This software is wonderful. Jayesh Thanki

Nice Program! You have alot of very nice options and made a very flexible program! Thanks! Martin Albanese, Pastor, School, USA.

A Great Product. Stephen Mates, East Essex Adult Community College, UK.

Fantastic opportunity to help improve childrens' learning. Thank you. Amanda Barrow, UK.

There are fantastic educational possibilities with this program. Sam Downie, Ernest Bevin College, UK.

I love this tool. I think it useful for my work. Pham Anh Vu, Senta Corp., Vietnam.

This is an excellent program. David King, Neurologist, Canada.

You have an amazing product! Mark Ramsay, IonActive Consulting, UK.

Congratulations, your program is awesome. Eduardo, Argentina.

The BEST quiz creation tool. Congratulations! Peter Velosy, Hungary.

Absolutely brilliant piece of software!! Clive Wilson, UK.

This is an awesome tool. Definitely the best of the bunch and it looks like the html code that it produces is solid unlike some of the other buggy products. Andrew Reid, China.

Easily the best I have found. This is a first-rate bit of kit. I've used some of the very expensive tools and this is MUCH better. Craig Hooper,

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