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Editor Version 3 Free Edition Serial Number

The latest version of Editor does not require a serial number.

This page is here for anyone who wishes to continue with the old version of Editor.

Please fill in the fields below, and then press the Enter button.

Where did you hear about Question Tools?
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  • Your serial number will be emailed to you (this can take up to three hours).
  • When you receive it you can enter it into Question Tools SimpleSet or Question Tools Editor by selecting Enter Serial Number from the Options menu. The same serial number works for both applications — you only have to enter it once.
  • The details you enter should match the email. If you enter a different name, organization name or email address then the serial number will not work. Copying from the email and pasting into the Question Tools software is always a good approach.

Problems? A small number of users have reported receiving incomplete emails. We do not believe this is a problem at this site, but is probably a fault with an overactive email filter. However, if you experience this problem then please contact us and we will send you a serial number manually. Click here to reach the contact form if you have this problem.

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